What the Bible Says


God is God. God has no beginning or no end. His wisdom, knowledge and love stands. God is Creator. God is three distinct personalities: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God spoke the heavens and earth into existence. He made the earth and the atmosphere. He created everything in the original world beautiful, perfect and complete. God made animals, and as his crowning glory, God created man in His image. Adam, the first man was placed in a garden of paradise. He told Adam to tend to the garden and all the animals. And, so that Adam would not be alone God created Eve, to be a helper for Adam. All was good, free and perfect at the origin of creation.

Adam and Eve, created in the image of God existed in the garden in a complete, perfect state. God, having not created 'robots' wanted His creation to love and honor Him out of a heart of love, by choice.

So, to this garden came 'the Evil One.' He spoke words to Eve that caused her to doubt what God had said about the one restriction God had ordained for life in Eden. Eve was deceived by this Evil One and disobeyed God's command. Adam, freely followed his wife and 'took of the fruit' of disobedience as well.

Because of this disobedience a separation came between God and his creation, man. Judgement was passed and Adam and Eve were separated from God. They were put out of paradise, but never left alone. Because of their disobedience(Romans 5:12) what had been a perfect existence had become flawed, and because of Adam's state as the "first" man, this separation and natural tendency to disobey became the normal. The Bible refers to this as "sin." All of the evil we know and experience in the world today is a result of this first disobedience.

Because of God's great love for man, He wanted to restore this relationship. But, no natural man could live up to God's standard of holiness that He revealed about Himself in the Laws of the Old Testament. In order for this relationship to be restored, and for mankind to once again be put into right standing with God and his standards, God knew that HE would have to do the work. He came to this earth in the person of JESUS (2 Corinthians 5:19). Jesus kept all of God's Old Testament Law, fulfilling all the commands, every last one. And, because sin cannot be atoned for, apart from a blood sacrifice (Hebrews 9:22), Jesus gave his life and shed HIS blood to be the atonement for the sin of mankind. Jesus, as the Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 15:22, 45 became the 2nd Adam...the new creation of man...giving his life so that this "right standing with God" (Romans 5:19) would be now passed on to all who believe (Romans 10, 9-13).


Man can now have this new, restored relationship with God, through Jesus. And because we now have this new nature living on the inside of us through the Holy Spirit's presence inside we can grow in this relationship with our Creator by studying His Word and living it out in our day to day lives.

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