Welcome to the the King's Kids Ministry

The King's Kids include all those in grades 1 thru 6.  Every Sunday morning we meet upstairs at 9:30 for our opening assembly.During this time, we sing, memorize Scripture, fellowship together and have prayer.  We have contests and encourage Christian growth by challenging the children to live their lives to please the Lord first and foremost.

We'd like to welcome our new first graders to KING'S KIDS!  They are:  Abby B, Jenna M, Joshua M, Sam K, Will K, Kenneth V, and James V.   They have already added so much to our classroom! 

We have started supporting a little boy from Cambodia. We have already purchased 2 Bibles written in his language, school supplies, a water filtration system and sent him a birthday package filled with toys & goodies.  So far we have collected over $200 to help him and his family.

The kids are also collecting supplies and items for our military troops.  They are learning that our freedom is costing our soldiers and their families a huge price.  Just like our spiritual freedom cost a great price when Jesus died for our sins.  We are praying for them and asking the church to join us in collecting supplies for our soldiers.

We had 17 children attend our camp (Higland Lakes) in June. We were able to pay their entire camp fund (except the $50 registration fee).  The kids did a great job selling candy which brought in the money to pay their way. 

Please continue to pray for our ministry as it is growing in the Lord. The teachers who are serving are:  1st & 2nd grade: Pam Knight, Stacey Owen, 3rd & 4th grade:  Marlene Mehok and 5th & 6th grade girls:   Michelle Wallen, 5th & 6th grade boys:  Joe Sheehan & Shaun Kun.  I am thankful for their faithfulness to the Lord as they serve Him every week.   Cindy Cheek also works faithfully in Jr Church every Sunday.  Come up and visit us real soon - we would love to see you!  



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